Standard Service Level Agreement

During maintenance of the network it may be necessary to cause an interruption in service; Severnserve endeavours to give at least 48 hours notice of a maintenance window. However, there are o ccasions when immediate maintenance is required and in these instances, less than 48 hours notice is un-avoidable, but we make every attempt to limit these occasions to emergencies only.

For Web & Mail hosting only customers, details of scheduled down time is posted on our website at

Your Contact Details
As we may need to contact you from time to time for maintenance purposes, it is vital that any changes to email, telephone and mobile numbers are notified immediately to our customer service desk on 01952 898194 or

Fault Procedure
Faults are classified by their seriousness in accordance with the table below and should be reported by the following methods:-
Out of normal office hours: email:
During office hours by telephone 01952 898194
Office hours are 0900Hrs – 1730Hrs Monday to Friday

Priority Level



Total systems failure


Partial systems failure or level 1 with temporary fix in place


Minor systems problem


Documentation error


Priority Level

Time to Respond

Time to Resolve


30 Minutes

4 Hours


2 Hours

8 Hours


4 Hours

24 Hours


24 Hours

30 Days

Service Levels
The service will be available for 99.9% of each calendar month for all hosting situations servers and sites. Where availability falls below this level Severnserve will compensate you. The amount of compensation is set out in the table below.

Compensation is paid in the form of credits or alternative services made available for you within 30 days of the substandard level. Only claims substantiated by our network monitor system will be considered for compensation under this service level agreement. Only priority level 1 will constitute a claim for compensation.

Service Level Compensation
Note that compensation is only claimable for level 1 fault conditions.

*Monthly Network Availability

(expressed as a percentage)

Credit Against Your Next Monthly Service Fee (expressed as a percentage of that fee)

99.00 – 99.90


97.00 – 98.99


95.00 – 96.99


90.00 – 94.99


Under 89.99


* A different compensation table may be applicable to wireless connectivity. Please check your signed agreement.

Availability is calculated at the end of each month in accordance with the following formula:-

A = (T – D)/T x 100

‘A’ = Availability of service expressed as a percentage
‘D’ = Down time in minutes in the respective month
‘T’ = Total number of service minutes in the respective month

Downtime is calculated from the time you notified us or we notified you until service is resumed. Our core network monitor system logs all outages with times and dates. All claims for compensation will be verified before acknowledgment of your claim.

Hosting Conditions

  1. The customer agrees to obtain a working knowledge of the internet and to be familiar with practices and procedures
  2. The customer agrees to avoid violation of certain generally accepted guide lines such as restrictions on mass mailings, mass advertisements, pirating or copying of software, mail bombing or any other method of attempting the denial of service to other internet users, use for collection or distribution of obscene or pornographic materials and general abuse.
  3. The customer agrees to comply with all relevant law and regulation in force and include but not limited to, compromise of copyright, trade secrets, proprietary information, libel or defamation of character, invasion of privacy and tortuous interference.
  4. The customer is required to protect the security of its internet account and usage. Misuse of the customer’s account is the sole responsibility of the customer and Severnserve is in no way liable for its misuse.
  5. The customer agrees to indemnify Severnserve against any loss or expense arising from a third party claim
  6. The customer recognises that we have no responsibility for content transmitted or received over the internet and we do not monitor the content of data passed over our networks.
  7. The customer recognises the fact that Severnserve can in no way be liable for any data or software loss howsoever caused in line with our general terms and conditions.
  8. Although Severnserve uses its best endeavours to secure our networks with firewall technology, Severnserve will not be liable for any consequential loss or damages due to unauthorised ‘hacking’ of the network infrastructure.

These Hosting terms should be read in conjunction with the Severnserve Terms & Conditions as both apply in full.



Signature of customer

Signature of Severnserve Limited (Director)

Agreed on behalf of the Customer

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