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ADSL Broadband

Severnserve can provide high speed Internet connections that are "always on", 24 hours a day, giving you permanent connections with bandwidth to suit your needs, at a fixed monthly fee.

Various speeds are available at competitive prices. Please call us on 01952 898194

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Why Upgrade to ADSL?

  1. Up to 140x faster (8Mbps) than dial-up Internet for more productive and less frustrating surfing, downloading and emailing.
  2. Surf and talk at the same time on the same line, with no engaged tone for your callers. Uses your existing BT phone line.
  3. Utilising the industries newest technology, ADSL transforms existing telephone lines into high-speed digital connections, for permanent Internet access.
  4. An ADSL connection allows subscribers to simultaneously use the existing line for both Internet access and telephone calls; and with data transfer speeds up to 140 times greater that of a conventional modem, ADSL is guaranteed to give your business the competitive edge.
  5. Bandwidth options, which reflect the growing needs of your organization.
  6. ADSL is ideal for companies who recognise the need for an Internet connection that is more flexible than conventional dial-up but whose business requirements do not yet demand a dedicated Leased Line.