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Is this you?
You are a small to medium size company - and probably already copy data from your computer so that it is stored somewhere "else" so hopefully it's "safe".

BUT - Is it really safe?, and - what IF the worst happens - a fire, a burglary, a hard drive fails, laptop stolen ?

NOW you have to restore all that data "as it was".
Would you be able to easily locate the right data - and put it all back quickly - and - last but definitely NOT least - would it actually work?

Are you just "archiving your data - or are you storing it so it can be got at quickly when the worst happens?

There is a difference between "data backup" and "data archiving"....

  • A Data backup performs two essential functions: - It stores "live "upto date" data securely and regularly, and, has a specifc "proven" recovery strategy.
  • A data archive just "parks" data in another storage area that essentially becomes "out of date" - but - might be useful for reference in the future - but - not neccessarily easy to "put back in the right place"

So whats the easy answer?... Use Severnserve Offsite Backup Manager (OSBM) service

Using the OSBM service couldn't be simpler. With just three steps you will be able to secure your critical files....
1. A small piece of software is installed on your computer.
2. Choose what data you require backing up and when.
3. The software then uses your internet connection at a convenient time to transmit all your data to remote servers.

Data Security
All data is encrypted on your computer before it is transmitted to mirrored data centres.
For ultimate security - An encryption key , which you can change, is needed to recover your data back into usable form. SO - If you do change the encryption key DO PLEASE PLEASE MAKE a NOTE OF IT - as only YOU will be able to proceed beyond this point to initiate data recovery

So: REMEMBER, for your security, ...... only YOU have access to your data !

Scheduled and Manual Backup Options
An automated scheduler ensures your backups take place either daily at any time that you specify, on certain days, or whenever you exit Windows. Backups can also be started manually at any time.

Optimised Data Transmission
OSBM is designed to backup your information quickly and inexpensively by saving only your new or modified data.

Round the Clock Data Access
Access to your data at the backup data centres is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Easy Restore
Assume the worst - Your computer has completely failed, or has been in a fire, for example. So you buy a new computer - and put back first of all any software packages such as Microsoft office etc pp so at this stage you have a "clean machine". Then - all you need to do is intall the small segment of software which you installed on the original machine when you fist started using the OSBM package (Don't worry about finding a copy - its all stored on your "Personal" Web based control panel) - and select "restore". All your data is then put back in the original palaces, i.e folders etc - as it was before. And then - off you go again!

All data that is stored is shown in an easy to read, standard graphical display of files and folders, including options for searching and sorting through stored data. You can even view your files as they existed on any previous date. You can always recover everything, or retrieve individual files selectively just by pointing and clicking on file names. We always recommend that you try recovering single files or folders to "prove" that the system works in the trial stages - and if the worst happens - well now you know how to use it !

Restore Versions of a File - Or.......... HELP - I didn't mean to DO THAT!
The most recently backed-up version of any file is retained for a period of normally 7days , which you can define after you delete it from your computer So - if you do actually delete something by mistake - ( and how many times have we all done that ? - I know we have !) then you've got a window of 7 days (or more if you need it) to recover it before the boss finds out!

So why not test drive Offsite Backup totally FREE, with NO obligation for a WHOLE month.
Back up lots of data -and try recovering it. Get totally used to using the package before you commit.
Secure your data today - Click here to sign up for a free trial.

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